Pio Pio Books first e-book ‘Emilio’ released now!

by Silvina De VitaBuen día Emilio, say hello to everyone.

Small, imperfectly formed, but full of adventure, Emilio will soon be a favourite toy. We’re so pleased to introduce Emilio to the world in his first story.

As he is so tiny, Emilio is easily overlooked by his little boy, but he soon finds out being small has its advantages!

Please greet Emilio with love and he will give it back tenfold.

Pio Pio Book´s first e’book ‘Emilio’ is now available to download from the Amazon Kindle store. It will display in full color on iPads and iPhones, as well as your home computer or laptop by downloading the free Kindle software from Amazon. The book is also viewable in black and white on the Amazon Kindle device.

Available from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Amazon.de


If you enjoy this book please do tell your friends and consider writing a review.




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