About Silvina De Vita, the author of Emilio

Silvina De VitaSilvina De Vita is a 29-year old Argentinian freelance graphic designer and illustrator.
She lives in London with her husband and 2 year-old son, Rafael. She loves reading, learning new things, painting and travelling.
She studied illustration in Putney Art School with Carolyn Dinan and Mary Kuper.
“Mary and Carolyn were an amazing help in putting together Emilio as a book. They are brilliant teachers and lovely warm people. I highly recommend the course”.

In her spare time she paints and in November she will start her MA in Art History at Birckbeck University.

You can see all her work

All of her titles are currently available as e-books that you can read on any computer, tablet, or laptop, and on most phones, with this free software.


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