Win your very own Emilio

After designing and writing the Emilio children’s e-books I decided to try to bring Emilio to life. I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers, and with just a little magic he leapt from the page and became a real life doll. And then another Emilio fell down from my computer screen, and another climbed out of my iPhone, and then another, and another… soon I found myself with lots of Emilio dolls. So I’ve decided to run a competition to help choose new homes for them. If you’d like to adopt an Emilio all you have to do is email me at with an answer to the following question…

In the first Emilio book he travels all round the world with his friend James… can you name two of the countries they visit?

After the 4th March I will choose three lucky winners and send them a unique handmade Emilio doll. 

If you haven’t read the book already you can do so here

Spanish version – Amazon UK / USA / Germany / Spain / France / Italy
English version – Amazon UK / USA / Germany / Spain / France /  Italy

Thanks, and good luck!!


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