Emilio gets a four star review

Tiffany from The Indie Children’s Authors Connection Blog has written a lovely 4star review of the first Emilio book:

“A recent epicture book has caught my attention. Emilio by Silvina De Vita is a charming story about an ignored doll. Thoughts of the “Velvetine Rabbit” came to mind as this little rag doll is ignored by his owner. You want him to be loved. He tries everything, with adorable pictures to illustrate his plight. Finally, he is packed in a dark suitcase and travels to places that even the Travel Gnome would be jealous of.
This ebook seems like a great fit for young children 2-6 years old. It is also available in Spanish. It’s a great way to get children excited about travel, esp. if a toy is their favorite travel companion. Plus, it can be used to teach that travel can be fun, and that a special travel toy companion can bring security to a worried child.”

The blog is currently nominated for an Independent Book Blogger Award, so if you have a moment please do vote for them here


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