Get your own Emilio doll

Hi, my name is Emilio. How are you today?

Me and my brothers, who are also called Emilio (our parents were not very imaginative with names), love to travel. You can now buy one of us from Esty, a great online crafts store, for just $12 / £7.80, plus the cost of our travel to you. We are hand-made from felt, decorated with a marker pen, and are usually about 12cm. high. We are very friendly and would love to come and be part of your family.

Click here to order one of us. We look forward to meeting you.

Emilio xx

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About silvina_dv

I´m an Argentinian freelance graphic artist and illustrator living in Brighton. I get bored very easily so I have learned many skills over the years. These include graphic design, illustration, painting, web design, paper sculpture, e-book publishing and artistic roller skating.

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