The Indian Kindle Store Isn’t The Real Deal… Yet

David Gaughran

Yesterday brought the exciting news that Amazon had launched the Indian Kindle Store.

However, some questions are already being asked about why this offering is so different from the international Kindle Stores launched in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

Clicking the link contained in press release – – will give you the first clue that something is different here.

While logged in to your Amazon account, you will just see the standard US storefront, with no mention of the Indian Kindle Store.

However, once logged out, you see what Indian customers are faced with.

Essentially, it’s an Indian storefront within the US site. Further perusal shows marked differences from Amazon’s previous international efforts.

  • Indian sales are not broken out in KDP. Indian sales will be lumped in with US sales in KDP reports. As such, self-publishers will have no real idea how they are doing in India…

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