When Visibility Doesn’t Lead To Book Sales

Here a very interesting article about Promotion, Visibility and Sales.

David Gaughran

nerdcardWriters are pretty creative about getting exposure for themselves and their books. Self-publishers especially are always experimenting with innovative ways to move the sales needle.

Like many of you, I’ve tried a little of everything at this point, and the list of stuff that works is far, far shorter than the list of stuff that doesn’t.

But what if I told you that you had a chance for some serious exposure? Imagine appearing on a reality TV show with millions of viewers, week after week. That level of visibility should have some kind of effect, right?

YA fantasy writer and King of The Nerds contestant Genevieve Pearson is here to share her story:

* * *

“Writing is easy. It’s the marketing stuff I don’t understand.” I remember telling my husband. So many queries, review requests, blog posts, ad space purchases, and my new book, Revelations, was still…

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I´m an Argentinian freelance graphic artist and illustrator living in Brighton. I get bored very easily so I have learned many skills over the years. These include graphic design, illustration, painting, web design, paper sculpture, e-book publishing and artistic roller skating.

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