Pio Pio Books is an independent e-book publisher based in London and started in 2011, specialising in illustrated children´s e-books.

Contact: piopiobooks@gmail.com

Silvina De Vita is a 29-year old Argentinian freelance graphic designer and illustrator.
She lives in London with her husband and 2 year-old son, Rafael. She loves reading, learning new things, painting and travelling.

You can see all her work on her Portfolio

Alice Jackson is a 33 year old Englishwoman, living in Chiswick with her partner Ian. With a background in teaching and working with children’s toys she has a passion for children’s books.
Alice has written and edited stories for Jellycat, a toy company who has created board books for children. She also enjoys reading, drawing and walks around Kew gardens and along the Thames in West London.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Silvina
    I am Rajiv Tambe.
    For years I have writing only for the children.
    My stories based on the “Mom and baby” concept were well received in India and my little fans kept on asking for more.
    Every Mom wants to teach her child certain things in her own way.
    Yet the baby tries to understand it in her own way.
    The baby feels maternal love through her touch, tone and style… and hence the child can freely interact with his mom. The baby could very well be a human baby, animal baby or a baby bird.
    In my stories bird and animal babies and moms share their wonderful lives with human kids.
    Shall i send one sample story to you and your son Rafael.

    Have a great day with kids.


  2. Hi Rajiv, thanks for your comments. It sounds that your books are really interesting and very sweet! If you like to send me a sample via email, I’m more than please to read it with Rafi, I’m sure he will love it. Thanks!

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