Half term is coming…


….and always the question is “what do I do with the children?!!” A week is a long, long time, specially when the weather is horrible

I found this link with a lot of great (free or cheap ) ideas to do with them, they include






Amazon v Hachette: Don’t Believe The Spin

another interesting one by my friend David….this was RT by Stephen Fry actually yesterday!

David Gaughran

amazonhachetteThe internet is seething over Amazon’s reported hardball tactics in negotiations with Hachette.

Newspapers and blogs are filled with heated opinion pieces, decrying Amazon’s domination of the book business.

Actual facts are thinner on the ground, however, and if history is any guide, we haven’t heard the full story. Here’s how it started.

In a historical quirk of the trade, publishers and booksellers negotiate co-op deals at the same time as the general agreement to carry titles. (For those who don’t know, co-op is the industry term for preferred in-store placement, such as face-out instead of spine-out, position on end-caps, front tables, window displays, and so on.)

At publishers’ insistence, the same practice has continued in the online and e-book world, namely that negotiations regarding virtual co-op (e.g. high visibility spots on retailer sites) take place at the same time as discussions over general terms and publisher-retailer discounts.

There is a lot…

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Why Is The Media Ignoring Author Exploitation By Publishers?

something to read about….

David Gaughran

prhasiThe Amazon-Hachette dispute has caught the media’s attention. But what about the story the media refuses to cover?

The media is more concerned with one-sided accounts of Amazon’s perceived actions – when no one really knows the exact nature of the dispute.

The media is more concerned with what Amazon might do in the future, than actual author exploitation by the world’s largest trade publisher: Penguin Random House.

Penguin Random House owns the world’s largest vanity press – Author Solutions – which is currently subject to a class action for deceptive business practices, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and violation of business statutes in California, New York, and Colorado.

The court papers cover the same ground that I’ve been blogging about for the last three years, that Writer Beware has spent even longer documenting, and others like Emily Suess and Mick Rooney have covered in extensive detail.


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When Visibility Doesn’t Lead To Book Sales

Here a very interesting article about Promotion, Visibility and Sales.

David Gaughran

nerdcardWriters are pretty creative about getting exposure for themselves and their books. Self-publishers especially are always experimenting with innovative ways to move the sales needle.

Like many of you, I’ve tried a little of everything at this point, and the list of stuff that works is far, far shorter than the list of stuff that doesn’t.

But what if I told you that you had a chance for some serious exposure? Imagine appearing on a reality TV show with millions of viewers, week after week. That level of visibility should have some kind of effect, right?

YA fantasy writer and King of The Nerds contestant Genevieve Pearson is here to share her story:

* * *

“Writing is easy. It’s the marketing stuff I don’t understand.” I remember telling my husband. So many queries, review requests, blog posts, ad space purchases, and my new book, Revelations, was still…

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The Indian Kindle Store Isn’t The Real Deal… Yet

David Gaughran

Yesterday brought the exciting news that Amazon had launched the Indian Kindle Store.

However, some questions are already being asked about why this offering is so different from the international Kindle Stores launched in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

Clicking the link contained in press release – www.amazon.com/kindlestoreindia – will give you the first clue that something is different here.

While logged in to your Amazon account, you will just see the standard US storefront, with no mention of the Indian Kindle Store.

However, once logged out, you see what Indian customers are faced with.

Essentially, it’s an Indian storefront within the US site. Further perusal shows marked differences from Amazon’s previous international efforts.

  • Indian sales are not broken out in KDP. Indian sales will be lumped in with US sales in KDP reports. As such, self-publishers will have no real idea how they are doing in India…

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Win your very own Emilio

After designing and writing the Emilio children’s e-books I decided to try to bring Emilio to life. I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers, and with just a little magic he leapt from the page and became a real life doll. And then another Emilio fell down from my computer screen, and another climbed out of my iPhone, and then another, and another… soon I found myself with lots of Emilio dolls. So I’ve decided to run a competition to help choose new homes for them. If you’d like to adopt an Emilio all you have to do is email me at piopiobooks@gmail.com with an answer to the following question…

In the first Emilio book he travels all round the world with his friend James… can you name two of the countries they visit?

After the 4th March I will choose three lucky winners and send them a unique handmade Emilio doll. 

If you haven’t read the book already you can do so here

Spanish version – Amazon UK / USA / Germany / Spain / France / Italy
English version – Amazon UK / USA / Germany / Spain / France /  Italy

Thanks, and good luck!!