Half term is coming…


….and always the question is “what do I do with the children?!!” A week is a long, long time, specially when the weather is horrible

I found this link with a lot of great (free or cheap ) ideas to do with them, they include






Lets Get Digital – How to self-publish E-books

www.davidgaughran.wordpress.comMy friend and fellow writer David Gaughran has been helping me through the process of how to convert my children´s e-book design into the correct file format and upload it to Amazon for use on the Kindle, iPad, iPhone and various computers.

He´s written a couple of short stories and published a free guide to self-publishing ‘Lets Get Digital’ which is incredibly useful. For anyone interested in this sort of thing do visit David´s blog at the link below, and take a moment to download one of his fantastic short stories.


He’s also written an article about my first book ‘Emilio’, READ IT HERE