Under the ocean – Pop-up book

This gorgeous Pop-up book lives in the highest shelf of the bookcase in the kids room so my 2 year-old one doesn’t get his hands on it. I couldn’t see it broken, it is precious.

Under the ocean, by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud is a wonderful, stunning pop-up book. The images says it all. Every page is a little world to discover. I’m very jealous that I’m not the designer of this book. The dream, to do a book like this one.

I bought it on the Tate Britain which it is WAY cheaper than Amazon. Check the price difference in those websites! Worthy the money though! A very very special present for the kids (or for you!)

under the ocean under the ocean 5 under the ocean 4 under the ocean 3 under the ocean 2


Oliver Jeffers Exhibition

We spent the day at the Discover Children Centre in Stratford. The place is fantastic, it has a lot of inside and outside activities for the little one (under 6). We’ve never been there and the kids had a lot of fun. We went to the Story time session and all the room was beautifully decorated. After that in the main floor, there were lots of hand-on activities. The best part, there was an Oliver Jeffers Exhibition. It is on until September.

You have to buy ticekts, but its only £16 the family of 4, and I can’t recommend it more. They recreated all the scenes from “Lost and Found” and “How to catch a star” in kids size. The kids can dress up as “the boy” and have an adventure. It is lovely. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before.

I strongly recommend you to go at 11 am, when it opens, and take the tickets there on the desk if you haven’t book them before to avoid disappointment. And it seems that Sundays are quieter than Saturdays.  GO GO don’t miss it.

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My big shouting day

I bought this book for my son’s birthday. It’s just great! The girl had such a bad day and had tantrums about absolutely everything, which made me laugh. I guess children can learn that they can have a bad day sometimes as well. I really recommend this book. Actually, it won an award “WINNER OF THE ROALD DAHL FUNNY PRIZE 2012”.
You can find it on Amazon here

shouting day - pio pio books

Potty training books

Potty training is really hard. It took a long time for my son to really “click”. I bought these 2 books that really helped. One is called Pirate Pete’s Potty, and it features a button that triggers an applause sound to encourage the child to use the potty. Another book I used was “Boys Potty Time”, that came with stickers which you can give your child for effort, successful or otherwise! Every kid is different and for some its easier than for others but these tools definitely helped with my son’s learning. What method was useful for you?



Lost and Found

I bought new books for my son. One of them was “Lost and Found” of Oliver Jeffers. What a wonderful story, my son loves it, and now is the new favourite. Basically this boy, one day found a penguin at his door and he thinks he is lost…
Before this one , it was “How to catch a star” from the same author.
I love the illustrations and the simple but strong stories. My son laughs so much with the boy from the book. Really recommendable picture books for early ages.
You can find them in any book store or online in Amazon.



Emilio in Meme Tales


We have excellent news!
You can read Emilio for free this week in the app MemeTales, Children’s Stories and Picture Books for Children.
The app is free and you can download it from the Apple Store
The app has a lot of books for children in different languages, and they feature free books every week. The main feature of MemeTales is that, as you scroll through the pages, you have the option of hearing an audio version of the text. So your children can enjoy the books themselves.

We are so pleased to be part of this amazing library. You can find Emilio in English and Emilio in Spanish

You can create your own library and there is a lot of stuff for parents and children in the websit including activities, craft and learning materials.