Under the ocean – Pop-up book

This gorgeous Pop-up book lives in the highest shelf of the bookcase in the kids room so my 2 year-old one doesn’t get his hands on it. I couldn’t see it broken, it is precious.

Under the ocean, by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud is a wonderful, stunning pop-up book. The images says it all. Every page is a little world to discover. I’m very jealous that I’m not the designer of this book. The dream, to do a book like this one.

I bought it on the Tate Britain which it is WAY cheaper than Amazon. Check the price difference in those websites! Worthy the money though! A very very special present for the kids (or for you!)

under the ocean under the ocean 5 under the ocean 4 under the ocean 3 under the ocean 2


Emilio in the Snow – Free e-book over Christmas!!!

As we are feeling festive, we are going to give away for free the new story ‘Emilio in the Snow’ on Dec 25th and Dec 26th!

Don’t miss the opportunity of having this lovely short story to read with your children over Christmas!!

free - pio pio books

Emilio In The Snow – new release

Brrrrrr, it’s been a cold few weeks. Perfect time to release our winter’s tale.

“Emilio In The Snow” is a short, sweet tale about the wonder of snow as our little hero  meets the cold powdery stuff for the first time.

No matter how young or old, there’s something magic about taking each footstep in new snow, seeing it settle on trees and cars, and (if we get enough if it) to roll snowballs into snowmen and women.

Share this with small children over the winter holidays into Christmas and New Year.

Available now on Amazon:

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