Mini Scientist In the Garden

Lisa Burke’s book is a very good way to keep the kids entertained and learning at the same time, if you have a garden. Maybe not great for winter, but it’s only 2 months to Spring! YEAY!!!!

It features great experiments with seeds, compost, rain, paper. It combines crafts with gardening. Ideal for the little ones that like the outdoor life.
I would say is for 4 years-old onwards.

You can find it in here



Leap Reader – LeapFrog

I can’t recommend enough the Leap Reader from LeapFrog. I love books and I think the feel of paper is amazing but this object it is fantastic (I still can’t figure it out how it works). I combines perfectly the idea of books and technology. My son, who is 4, spends hours listening and reading.
Basically the pen reads the words and letter for you and they can practising writing as well the letter in the books. There are books in English and Spanish which is great, you download the software in the pen, depending the book you bought, and that’s it. Ready to enjoy.
If you kids love reading, this is a great gift. You can find it on Amazon, or Ebay or Early Centre UK.


Documentary about education- “La educación prohibida” documental sobre educación

I saw an Argentinian documentary 3 days ago which made me think. Is the school system really working? Why, if people and children and families are changing, don’t they do anything with the educational system in Latin America? How is it possible that we still use the same regime as in 1930? This documentary covers all the questions and tries to answer them.
It’s currently available only in Spanish, but I’m sure they will add subtitles very soon. In the meantime if you know Spanish, take the time to see this and think about what kind of education we want to give our children today.
Este documental está dando vueltas desde la semana pasada, me tomé 2 horas y media para mirarlo y creo que realmente me dejó pensando cosas fundamentales. ¿El sistema educativo latinoamericano funciona? ¿cómo puede ser que si las familias, y los niños cambiaron, no hacen nada para cambiar el sistema educativo? ¿cómo es posible que tengamos el mismo sistema y programa que en 1930?
Este documental cubre todas estas preguntas y más. Está en español y aún no le han puesto subtítulos a otros idiomas, pero están en proceso. Si sos padre, o maestro o ambos o solo estás interesado, recomiendo se tomen el tiempo para reflexionar sobre lo que plantea este documental para poder repensar de que forma queremos educar a nuestros hijos hoy.