Half term is coming…


….and always the question is “what do I do with the children?!!” A week is a long, long time, specially when the weather is horrible

I found this link with a lot of great (free or cheap ) ideas to do with them, they include






Charlie and Lola Extremely New Play

So the holidays began and with them, the problem of “what do i do with the children every day?”
Last week I went with my 4 year-old to see this new play at the Polka Theatre called “Charlie and Lola Extremely New Play”. The set is extremely colourful and mobile. The puppets are the characters from the TV show Charlie and Lola, very well recreated. The show is about the seasons and it is very interactive for little children. You have as well some shows where you can take toddlers or babies for free, in the website you will see a blue baby icon, those are the ones you are allow to go with them.
Grab the tickets quickly, they fly!

charlie lola

The Museum of Childhood – London

The Museum of Childhood is an adorable option to take your kids. It is in London, near Bethnal Green Station.
Firstly it is free. Secondly you can find any imaginable toy there, the museum is 3 floors up and it is full of toys. It is like Paradise.
Theres a lot of interactive games for kids as well, great entertainment.

You can see almost everything with nostalgia, things that we used to play with when we were kids are there behind glass. Last time I discovered one little train that my mum gave me when I was a child with discs of music in the back, I almost cried. I really want to take my parents there. Loads of memories.
There are a lot of activities as well to participate in and catch the attention of the little ones, we know that sometimes it is a difficult task to achieve

What was your favourite toy when you were a kid?